San Francisco, CA ATM Route 

ATM business for sale $120,000

This portfolio currently operates 21 ATM machines in the San Francisco area. This portfolio is showing approximate ATM Gross Profit of $4,800/mo in the past 12 months with new client locations coming up in 2023. 

All 21 machines are owned and operated by the seller and all of the equipment has been EMV upgraded. The machines are newer and there are no contracts.

This is an ideal starter or add-on ATM portfolio with very strong numbers and a great local presence with room to grow in the San Francisco market. There are strong margins and newer equipment which is a huge asset for buyers in the industry!

ATM Route Details

  • Asking Price – $120,000.00
  • ATM Gross Profit  –  $4,804/mo in past 12 months
  • Approximate rotating vault cash required to load machines weekly – $75,000
  • Number of Machines – 21 full service, all owned equipment
  • Hours Required Weekly – Part time 
  • Location Types – Retail, convenience stores, gas stations

If you are interested in further details, please go here for our digital NDA