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Our experience spans all facets of the ATM industry: building, maintaining and growing ATM routes from the ground up, ATM machine maintenance and ATM placement expertise.  We also cultivate a nationwide connection of buyers and sellers in the ATM industry.

We have set the industry standard when it comes to valuation, buying and selling, and building and expanding ATM businesses. If you are seeking assistance within the independently deployed ATM space, we will provide you with expert support.


Are you looking to buy an ATM business? Running your own ATM route can afford you freedoms within business ownership that most other businesses cannot.  Whether you are seeking a large, well-established ATM route, a smaller starter route, with passive income, or consulting guidance in order to build an ATM business from the ground up, I have the information required to assist you throughout the buying or building process.

ATM Machines for Sale

Are you considering purchasing an ATM machine? Our extensive array of ATM equipment encompasses not only a diverse selection of machines but also an array of services and processing solutions. In our inventory, you’ll find a full range of ATM machines with our best-selling ATMs, including top brands like Hyosung, Genmega, Puloon and Triton, all available for purchase.  We’re here to assist with all your ATM machine needs. Explore our definitive guide to buying ATM machines here.


“ATM Brokerage simplified everything for me when deciding which company to purchase my first ATM this past August. Bryan made everything so simple in comparison to other companies I had initially reached out to. Many companies would waste my time on hold and not answer. ATM Brokerage simplified the purchase of the machine through a quick online payment, the paperwork to get your back office started, scheduling for install and defining all the terms as easy as possible to understand. I didn’t feel like I was being sold a product, I felt like I was being helped out on starting my business. The communication is great because I can even text them when I have a quick question which helps because you feel the relationship form rather than reaching out to a customer service or sales agent. The wireless internet option they offer sealed the deal for me, since margins are so tight paying so much for a wireless router can hurt the profits of each machine.”

“With many months of research and asking countless questions to other small atm business owners I found  ATM Brokerage was the best place to purchase all of my equipment and to host my account. ATM Brokerage is extremely fast with their response time. They had spent countless hours helping me research, answering questions about the business, all the way down to finding the right contractor to help install the machines. 

 ATM Brokerage response time and help with all issues so quickly is extremely important to me because I am brand new to the industry and any down time is money out of my pocket. I promise you will not find better customer service anywhere else! They were extremely patient in answering all of my questions that are common sense for the industry. If you’re new to the industry or been in your entire life, this is the team you want to work with.”

“We have loved working with ATM Brokerage.  They have always been responsive and willing to help whatever the situation.  Our team members enjoy a free surcharge ATM because of the easy process we used to acquire our ATM and the continued high-quality support we receive from ATM Brokerage.”

“I first met Jeff Sosville with ATM Brokerage a couple years ago when he brokered a deal for me to buy an ATM route of several ATMs in Phoenix. Jeff was extremely professional and made the whole transaction run smoothly.  Since then, I have gotten to know Jeff and wound up processing with him.  Jeff has also forwarded some business to me.  His office is extremely responsive whenever I have a question or concern.  I have recommended others to his service.  I highly recommend Jeff and ATM Brokerage!”

“Thanks for all your hard work and dedication getting my deal closed! Jeff Sosville had great advice through out the buying process! Very professional!”

“Jeff, thanks so much for your effort to sell my business. You brought me great qualified prospects. I got a better price than I was expecting. When I’m ready sell my next business, you’re my first call.”

“Jeff Sosville recently sold a portion of my ATM business.  He is very professional and a pleasure to work with.His experience in the ATM industry as a former ATM operator, along with successfully brokering many route sales proved to be tremendously helpful throughout the sales process.  His vast network of potential buyers is unmatched and was a major factor in getting the best price for my business.  I will turn to Jeff again when the time comes to sell the remainder of my ATM route.”

“Jeff has been very professional and especially diligent in securing information to make informed buying decisions. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

“I enjoyed working with Jeff Sosville throughout the sale of our ATM company in Phoenix. Jeff was professional throughout the process and maximized the sales price that we got for our portfolio by strategically providing information to multiple potential buyers and then timely working with them to close the best offer.”

“Jeff was instrumental in finding a qualified buyer for my ATM Route. More importantly his background and vast knowledge within the ATM industry coupled with his expansive network was vital in connecting a buyer from outside the industry and making that buyer feel comfortable throughout the purchasing process. A normal business broker simply can’t explain intrinsic programming details, differences between ISOs or avenues to secure new locations. Jeff can because he has done it and this is what sets him apart when selling an ATM Route.”

“I contacted Jeff to assist me in selling a portion of my ATM business. Jeff has a deep understanding of the industry and was able to not only get me my asking price quickly but was additionally instrumental in helping with the transfer to the new owners. I would highly recommend Jeff Sosville for ATM Route Sales, he is a professional and results oriented.”

“Thanks for everything Jeff, you were a huge help and I never could’ve sold the route without you. Feel free to use me as a reference or quote me in your literature as you have been an excellent resource.”

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