Bitcoin ATM for sale

ATM Route for sale $3,600,000! !

More than your average Bitcoin ATM company, this Bitcoin operator works directly with their business partners to maximize the revenue that will be generated from our new Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs). We don’t just maintain, service, and process BTMs, we utilize a combination of marketing, branding, financial institution partnering, couponing, and advertising to give your business additional monthly cash flow.

  • Currently showing $32,281 Net Profit (EBIDTA) per month from Jan-Jun’23. @ 100 machines
  • Moving to 150 installed before ’23 end with approximately $50,000/mo Net Profit

Currently operates over 100+ locations nationwide. Whether you already have an ATM/BTM or are looking for a new machine, or a better business partner, contact us today to learn more about how we can implement a winning BTM strategy for your business

This operator wants to enable the adoption and integration of cryptocurrency into mainstream use. Cryptocurrency is the future, and the way we decided to promote and support this new technology is through the proliferation and operation of Bitcoin ATMs Nationwide. We operate in gas stations, convenient stores, markets, liquor stores, smoke shops, hotels and more.

The business is a registered MSB. We take compliance, legal, and financial regulation and reporting very seriously. We’ve partnered with the best compliance company and blockchain monitoring providers to ensure complete oversight of every transaction. Our compliance officer and compliance team diligently maintain an up-to-date compliance program and protocol that can’t be beat.

We monitor and service our BTMs 24/7 to keep our customers and business partners happy. We’ve created strategic relationships with nationwide armored carriers and first-line maintenance services to ensure the highest possible uptime on our machines.

If you are interested in further details, please go here for our digital NDA