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8 Mistakes to avoid when Starting an ATM business

Don’t Make These Mistakes! See below the 8 mistakes for a complete breakdown on the ATM Business and step by step guide of how to get started.  Check out our free ATM Business starter guide, go here, start your own ATM business You made the decision to start your own ATM business. Hopefully you followed […]

ATM Brokerage interview in ATM Marketplace

ARTICLE Selling your ATM portfolio? Here’s what buyers are looking for While they have the acumen and attitude to start and run a business, what most business owners lack is an exit strategy. Here are answers to the questions IADs ask most frequently about the valuation and sale of their ATM business. photo istock June 13, 2017 | […]

7 side hustles that (almost) run on autopilot (Fortune Magazine Article)

7 side hustles that (almost) run on autopilot BYCASEY BOND May 8, 2023 at 2:41 PM EDT Read the article on Fortune here, https://fortune.com/recommends/banking/side-hustles-that-mostly-run-on-autopilot/ You don’t have to start a business from the ground up—or say goodbye to work-life balance—in order to be a successful entrepreneur. PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY FORTUNE; ORIGINAL PHOTO BY GETTY IMAGES […]

Starting an ATM Business? 7 Things You Must Do!

Starting or Re-Tooling An ATM Business – What You Must Do In spite of the advances in electronic, digital and alternative payments, cash is still a preferred means of paying for goods and services throughout the world. Recognizing this fact has prompted many entrepreneurs to strike out on their own and enter the ATM industry […]

Buying ATM machines- The definitive guide

Overview of the ATM Business: Owning and maintaining ATMs is a way many people earn a living and create additional or passive income streams. As an owner of an ATM business, you are buying ATM machines, finding locations and installing them in locations, filling them with cash and making money every time a customer withdrawals […]

Price reductions and new listings

Check out our listing page for some reduced pricing on our Routes in Seattle and Chicago as well as new ATM Businesses for sale in Brooklyn, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Chicago. Please check back soon for listings in NC/SC and Texas  Please check out our listing page for more information

Announcing the new ATMbrokerage.com

Welcome to ATM Brokerage!  I have been working on a new website and platform, and we launch our site officially today. There is a new look and feel with updated website, logo and social media connections through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  The updated site reflects the evolving brand of ATM Brokerage and I will continue focusing […]