Salt Lake City, UT – Route for Sale

ATM Route for sale $123,000! This portfolio currently operates 133 ATM machines in two portfolios.

  1. Portfolio #1 – $27,000.00 – consists of 14 ATMs with Average Monthly Gross Profit in 2021 of approximately $775/mo. Very solid contracts, margins and equipment make this portfolio a great starter route or add on portfolio.
  2. Portfolio #2 – $96,000.00 consists of 119 Merchant Owned Processing Only Terminals. The portfolio is averaging approximately 9,225 transactions per month over the past 12 months. Averages $2000 Net Profit per Month.

This is an ideal mid-sized ATM portfolio with high transaction counts, very strong margins and a great local presence. Also, they have contracts and good equipment on this great route!

ATM Route Details

  • Asking Price – $123,000.00 or each portfolio sold separately
    • Average Monthly Gross Profit in 2021 of $2,775.00/mo or $33k/year
  • Additional rotating vault cash required to load machines weekly – Approx. $15,000.00
  • Number of Machines – 133 ATMs
    • 14 Owned and Loaded ATMs and 119 Merchant Owned Processing Only terminals
  • Hours Required Weekly – Part-time for one loader / depends on cash
  • Location Types – Convenience, Gas, Miscellaneous Retail locations