Sacramento, CA ATM Route for Sale- $1,775,000

This portfolio currently processes 137 ATM machines with solid location agreements which generate more than $52,000/mo in ATM Gross Profit. The route owner owns 133 of the ATMs of which they load 129 and the 4 other ATMs the merchants load. Also included is a Processing Route of 4 machines which the merchants own and load the ATMs.

The equipment has been EMV upgraded and the machines are newer, with near 100% contract coverage. This is an ideal medium sized ATM portfolio with very strong numbers and a great local presence. There are strong contracts, strong margins, newer ATMs and lots of extra equipment and vehicles which makes this a highly attractive route!

ATM Route Details

  • Asking Price – $1,775,000
    • Owned and Loaded Route showing ATM GP of approx. $52,055/mo
  • Additional rotating vault cash required to load machines weekly – Approx. $1,000,000.00
  • Number of Machines – 137 ATMs owned
    • 133 are Owned and Operated by Seller (4 loaded by merchants)
    • 4 are Owned, Operated and Vaulted by the Merchant
  • Hours Required Weekly – Team of 2 loaders – depending on load schedule
  • Location Types – Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Bars/Restaurants, Hospitality, Barber Shops and High Transaction Retail locations