Jacksonville, FL –  ATM Portfolio

ATM Portfolio Price – $230,000! 

This portfolio of over 12 ATM machines and 6 BATM locations in the Jacksonville, FL area is owner operated with the assistance of 3rd party outsourcing for the BATM machines. This portfolio is showing Gross Profit income over $6,000/mo in 2022 with annual growth coming up in 2023.  

All 16 ATMs are owned and operated by the seller and all of the equipment is in great condition. The 6 BATM’s are operated by the management and processing company. All ATMs are EMV upgraded.  Approximately 50% contract coverage.

This is an ideal ATM portfolio for operators or a starter route with very strong numbers and a great regional presence with room to grow in Jacksonville and surrounding areas! There are very strong margins and very solid transaction volume making this a great opportunity. Jacksonville and the surrounding area are a great place for continued growth in the coming years.

ATM Route Details

  • Asking Price- $230,000.00
  • Income-  Gross Profit $6,100/mo average in Q4 2022 from ATM portfolio
  • Additional rotating vault cash required to load machines weekly – Partially outsourced
  • Number of Machines – 12 full service, all owned equipment, 6 BATM 
  • Hours Required Weekly – 1 Employee part time with current setup
  • Location Types- Convenience Stores, Laundry, Bars
  • EMV Upgrade- all are EMV upgraded

If you are interested in further details, please go here for our digital NDA