Georgia – ATM Route for Sale

ATM Route for Sale $350,000!

This portfolio currently operates 69 ATM machines with location agreements. The route is showing an ATM Average Adjusted Net Profit of approximately $6,700/mo in the past 18 months.

38 of the 69 ATM machines are owned by the seller in Georgia and all of the equipment has been EMV upgraded. The remaining 31 ATMs are owned by the Merchants (processing only) and also are in very good condition.

This is a very nice sized ATM portfolio, which is all Merchant loaded. This route can be a great add on or starter route for the right buyer. No loading necessary with solid margins, good transaction volume paired with nice equipment with contracts provide an incredibly easy to run ATM route!

ATM Route Details

  • Total Asking Price – $350,000
  • ATM Adjusted Net Profit – Approximately $6700.00/mo
    • Approximately $5,200.00/mo I/C Revenue + $1495 Service Fee Revenue
  • Additional rotating vault cash required to load machines weekly – None
  • Number of Machines: 38 Owned and 31 Merchant Owned – All Merchant loaded ATMs
  • Contracts: Close to 100%
  • Hours Required Weekly – Part Time
  • Location Types – Mostly convenience and retail locations

If you are interested in further details, please go here for our digital NDA