Bitcoin ATM for sale

Georgia – Bitcoin Route for Sale

Bitcoin ATM Route for Sale $400,000!

This portfolio currently operates 25 Bitcoin ATM machines with location agreements. The route is showing a Gross Profit after Commissions and Processor split of approximately $5,340/mo in the past 12 months. The route has Bitcoin ATMs throughout Georgia.

The 25 ATM machines are owned by the seller and all of the equipment is only 1 year old and is operated by the processor and de-cash service is handled by the processor. The machines are in great condition and all locations have good contracts with the future possibility of changing the current processor.

This is a very nice mid-sized Bitcoin ATM portfolio that is a great add on or starter route for the right buyer. A great but flexible contract and nice equipment with contracts provide a great foundation for a Bitcoin ATM route!

ATM Route Details

  • Total Asking Price – $400,000.00
  • ATM Gross Profit – $5,340.00/mo
  • Number of Machines: 25 owned Bitcoin ATMs (1 Year Old Machines w/ Locks)
    • Estimated Value of Bitcoin ATM Machines – $150,000 – $175,000
  • Contracts: 100%
  • Hours Required Weekly – Part Time
  • Location Types – Mostly convenience and retail locations