ATM for sale California

Bakersfield CA

ATM business for sale $400,000! This portfolio currently operates 43 ATM machines in the Bakersfield CA area. This portfolio is showing a projected net income of $144,352 for 2019 with 10%+ annual growth over last years numbers.

All of the machines are owned and operated by the seller and most of the equipment has been EMV upgraded.  All locations are under contract.  The machines are a mix of Genmega 2500 Hyosung Halo 2 and 2700 models and all are EMV upgraded.

This is an ideal ATM portfolio with a very strong numbers a great regional presence with room to grow in Bakersfield, CA. There are strong margins, long term contracts, newer equipment and Bakersfield is an area where an aggressive sales team could continue growing 10% year over year making this a great opportunity for existing or new buyers in the industry!

ATM Route Details

  • Asking Price- $400,000
  • Net Income-  $144,352
  • Additional rotating vault cash required to load machines weekly- $155k
  • Number of Machines-52 full service, all owned equipment
  • Contracts- Yes, 5 years with 6 year auto renew
  • Hours Required Weekly- 20-25  
  • Location Types- Convenience store, bar
  • EMV Upgrade- all are EMV upgraded
  • Call or email for details