San Diego, CA ATM Business for sale

ATM business for sale $495,000! This portfolio currently operates 146 ATM machines in the San Diego, CA area.  This portfolio is showing an owner benefit of  $141,529 for 2017 with strong annual growth over last years numbers.  This is a unique opportunity to acquire a growing ATM business.  The appeal of this portfolio is that its currently 100% merchant or 3rd party vaulted so no vault cash is required.  All of the machines are owned but either the merchants or 3rd parties with the seller owning all of the contracts.  All of the equipment has been EMV upgraded and all locations are under contract. An equipment list can be provided with NDA and interest.

This is an ideal ATM portfolio with a very strong numbers a great regional presence with room to grow in San Diego CA.  This is a unique, no vault cash required ATM portfolio.

  • Asking Price- $495,000
  • Owner benefit- projected for 2017 $141,529
  • Additional rotating vault cash required to load machines weekly- $0, no additional value cash is required as the route is fully merchant loaded or 3rd party vaulted.
  • Number of Machines-146 full service, all owned equipment
  • Contracts- Yes, 3 years with 3 year auto renew
  • Hours Required Weekly-20
  • Location Types- Convenience store, bar, hotel
  • EMV Upgrade- 100% up

See below for a general layout of the portfolio with the towns and cities included in the route. Please email for detailed information:


Q&A with seller:

Question regarding service and hours:

Could you quickly break out your 20 hours of work and what are the main tasks for you there. I know you mentioned service work, client management, changing surcharges, adding TIDs etc.  I wanted specifically to see how much of that work required in the field work vs phone/computer work. One thing I am trying to figure out is if someone lived in another state, could they handle most of the work and outsource the service work so wanted to know how much of that work there was?

Seller Answer:

I think the largest tasks are service oriented. Delivering paper, answering the phone to walk customers through changing a battery or clearing a bill jam etc…and lastly, if the customer can’t fix it themselves/a part is broken, going on site to fix the issue. The above are the most time consuming and urgent. I would say this makes up at least 65% of the work week, perhaps more.

The other work is administrative. Mostly submitting bank account change forms or surcharge change forms, and submitting paperwork for new terminals as the business goes etc. Paper for the business is shipped to merchant locations as needed, but can also be put on a schedule for convenience.  Overall, if someone had the ability to outsource the service work through a company or individual, I would say that model is completely sustainable and reasonable if desired.

Question regarding the filling agreements with 3rd party vendors:

Can we change those as we please to other vendors or is there a contract in place?

Seller Answer:

The cash loading 3rd parties would like to remain in place and are protected by contract.

Question about Service:

Who is responsible for Parts and Service for each account?

Seller Answer:

I am responsible for helping/servicing all merchants. Any parts that are needed are paid for by the customer at a marked-up rate, typically 20-30 percent above cost.

Need more info?  Please fill out the Non-disclosure agreement here and send it to [email protected] and we can get you everything you will need to make a proper analysis of the business, please call or email with questions.